80 Web2.0 creation with tier 2 links




Permanent links.

80 TOP QUALITY WEB 2.0  CREATION WITH 2-3 CONTEXTUAL LINK FROM ARTICLES(New articles done manually) related to your niche.

Over 8 years SEO, freelancing experience. Use our services, our experience with organic ranking, expertise in link building and what works and what doesn’t.

  1.  New WEB 2.0 accounts will be created on 80 different domains. All WEB 2.0 will have unique articles(300 to 500 words each), written manually by real person, related to your niche. Depending on your niche article can also have related videos, pictures(1 video, 2 pictures per article). You can also supply your own videos or if you already have your own videos on you tube than those videos can be used.

4 months replacement guarantee for all web 2.0 accounts. More blog posts can be posted to each web 2.0 linking to several of your sites. Consider them to be more like secondary or back up sites to give more power to your Main/ Money earning site. You will receive login details for email used and login details of all WEB 2.0 accounts.


This will be Tier 1. Now tier 2 will be done to give more link juice to tier 1 and guaranteed indexing.


2.  For each web 2.0 , 500 tier 2 links to each web2.0 will be done. These tier 2 links will be from forum profiles, blog comments, image comments, articles, micro blogging sites, url shortener

3. 50 google+ votes will be done for site of your choice as a bonus.

4. 500 facebook likes for your site will be done as bonus.

5. 500 linkedin shares will be done as bonus.





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